About me

Who am I?

I'm a sport enthusiast, who currently spend some time studying nutrition and health in Denmark trying to settle down in Estonia. I'm not a great athlete, photographer or writer, but that doesn't stop me from doing any of those things. This blog tends to be sport centric, but a little bit of everything- travelling, meeting new people, seeing new things and just challenging myself. 

The reason why I'm focus on sport, is quite simple. Sport has given me my health, my friends, my community and my identity. Additionally, the spirit of sport gives me an opportunity to push myself, in order to see how far I can go. Sometimes I like to pin on a race number and enjoy the thrill or I just find myself face to face with any other enjoyable challenge. Every once in a while when I have the good form, I make a commitment to success at my absolute limit. Enjoyable, satisfying and addictive! If you think training is fun, try competing! This will get you fired up!

In addition to the blog, sport and all that mumbo-jumbo, I have a few secrets I usually don't talk about. I love solo road trips (I have gotten the love of driving from my dad obviously), eating a McRoyale or Quarter Pounder every once in awhile and reading novels by giants such as Thoreau, Tolstoy and London. But other than that I'm just an average person. 

How to get in touch with me?
The best way is to email me - henriruul (at) hotmail.com. If I don't reply then I probably missed your mail ...or I'm just ignoring you.

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