Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy new year 2013

I just landed in Denmark, which means much needed time with family and friends is over. Had a lot of fun with them, but its time to get back to life- routine, studies, trainings, friends et cetera. I was lucky to try difference skiing tracks with tons of snow, so I would recommend to discover skiing tracks everywhere in Estonia. Skiing centers offer a variety of opportunities to practice!
The weather was mostly pretty cold (around -10 or colder), but then summer arrived early and almost all snow disappeared. No worries, it's getting colder there.. . and winter weather brings snow.
I suffered from food poisoning after new year's eve party and had to skip trainings at the beginning of 2013. Cant wait to start with trainings again. So stoked!

In 2013, there is plenty to do and I will keep you informed.

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