Sunday, May 19, 2013

Words come between the spectator and the picture...

Being in more than one place at the same time is impossible, right? But doing two things at once? Ok, lets start at the very beginning. After school on Thursday I headed to Copenhagen to visit my sister and just hang out there. Well, I actually came over to support her in her marathon debut!
Just after arriving I headed out for a short run in Copenhagen downtown and explored running in new places.
And next days, hmmm... I just enjoyed playing tourist and found some nice places to look around.

And then there was a big day coming... Sunday! Woke up early, breakfast and out I went...
I helped my sister get to the starting line for her first marathon. Few minutes before the start I tried to find a good place to support her, but I faced a new problem- marathon crowds... Fortunately It all went smoothly and I got out quickly. She finished just 4 hours later and I'm so proud of her!

By the way the Gumball3000 rally flag drop in the same time with marathon, but I found few minutes to take a look at these 100 cars that set off to Monaco. A few pics from Gumball:

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