Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, youmustkeep moving.

Started the day with meeting my study group, then finished our project and after hearing that the lecturer had to cancel classes due to illness, I even couldnt find out what to do- I had more than 6 hours spare time. To be honest I didnt feel happy hearing that classes are canceled, but at this moment I had to figure out the plan b. So I rode back home, changed clothes and took my roadie. Felt super stoked- nice weather (cloudy, windy but with no rain) and I was ready to go. Forgot to eat, but I supposed to be back home in 2 hours and didnt worry about it at all. In case that you dont have enough carbs in body, getting tired is common. I have to pay more attention to get enough sodium chloride from energy drink. Because of the tailwind the first part was pretty easy- low intensity, low hr and no lactic acid in muscles. What more can the heart of a man desire? Not much!
But riding homewards was way harder than I expected- there is only one factor that counts - wind (actually the rain as well, but today I didnt mention any showers). Due to heavy head wind I couldnt keep speed over 20 anymore. At this moment I realized that keeping that low pace, it takes months to get back home. Fortunately I finished my training after 2 hours and 40 minutes and I covered only 65 km (comparing with summer, the same route takes 30 minutes less while riding at the moderate speed). The most important is not speed, but the feeling and training itself. Relaxin in process right now and then heading to the gymnastic center.

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