Saturday, January 26, 2013

It never gets easier, you just go faster!

Exams! When I closed myself in my room in order to finish my exam, I realized it doesn't work for me. Fortunately, I'm almost done with this and now it's time to let the birds worry about things that don't matter. But anyway, when I was stuck on writing and it all turned out like blah, then I just had to do something else. A bit later, I found myself reading reviews of the Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton, and I was thinking about the blood transfusing- what would happen if you receive someone else's blood and it doesn't match your blood type? I'm completely hooked on physiology, so I figured it out. In case that the blood is not compatible, your body will react to it as foreign substance and destroy it. In worst form you can die from this reaction, but most common symptoms are back pain, fever, dark urine etc. I have heard that Tyler Hamilton urinated blood after transfusing. This is a acute immune hemolytic reaction, where red blood cells release a substance into you blood and harms your kidney. It was supposed to be a way to dope, but apparently didn't work as planned. Whoop whoop whoop!

Btw, I have admired Jered and Ashley Gruber's photography. Here are some of their best images.Inspiring!

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