Saturday, February 9, 2013

Devoting my life to a higher purpose

Pretty amazing how fast time flies and the long-awaited week is almost gone. I started my internship at ''Simon's academy'' on Monday, where I will learn more about coaching during 8 weeks. Simon is an american, currently working as a strength coach for many danish talents and professional athletes and throwing discipline coach. Don't get me wrong, I'm not planning to change my direction, but I see it is worth it! Coaching is something else than just making a training program for athletes and observing them. Simon is a friendly, helpful and a kind person, who has tons of load experience in his business field. The way of communication and teaching, trainer skills and professionalism make him high demand coach. Even Gerd Kanter and his ex-coach used to cooperate and train here in Aarhus with Simon.So far I have enjoyed every second working with Simon and his athletes: sailors, throwers, tennis and basketball players.

In addition to the internship I decided to start with my new training program, which is called foundation building phase. Most days the internship starts afternoon (except Monday), so I have enough time to train myself. Duration and intensity are main focuses on my program right now, which means that I try to train as long as possible with low intensity in order to improve my heart muscle and build strong base. So briefly, instead of training up to 10 hours per week, what I used to do (with some high-intensity interval work-outs), I try to spend up to 15-20 hours a week (low-intensity) to build a strong foundation. Had 2 hours spinning today without any company and tv-screen. Just me, bike, bottle of water, music and tons of sweat. 
A week like this couldn't kick me out, so I'm looking forward to next week...

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