Sunday, February 17, 2013

Progress is the attraction that moves humanity

Having a practice on working days and I have to admit I'm totally hooked on it! Actually these professional or amateur athletes who I am working for make it fun! Gonna work alone without supervisor next week and will start with nutrition part as well... Sounds like there is no life after work, but it's not really like that.

As mentioned last post, my training volume is increasing constantly during this period, so in order to continue my training program, every once in a while I have to supply my body with some energy. Haha, actually I just had free time and happily it was pancake tuesday, so as proper I decided to make some cream filled buns and celebrate Shrove Tuesday. Anyway the plan what I imaginated is here- sharpe my cooking skills first, then celebrate shrove tuesday and at last fuel my body. This pic was made in the end of stage 2:

Today in the morning, when I was on the way to ski club to spend few hours roller skiing with buddies, I realized how much I like to ride across the city on sunday mornings- Quiet roads, early runners, cycling group meetings etc... And then training with a good company, 3 hours, nature, landscape, sauna and when I finally got back home I felt so good ...and had to take a nap! There are some young guys in our training group and one of them has been skiing only 10 months, but he is doing very well, so I had a good companion whole training. Here are some pics from today: BTW in the last picture, the guy in the gray/blue top with GF logo is 72 years old, but still skiing every single sunday 3 hours and 30-35 km... 

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