Saturday, March 16, 2013

Running from your problems doesn't help. Unless your problem is being fat...

As mentioned in my last post, I was planning to run Copenhagen Marathon in May. After signing up it's time to make it official! The Copenhagen Marathon will be held on 19 May, so in around 8 weeks I'm standing at the starting line, race bib on the front of my shirt. My training is going well so far (I have been following my program 3 weeks). After missing long run last week and tempo run week before, it's worth mentioning that things went smoothly and I got all 3 runs done this week (Intervals 2x1800m, tempo run 14 km and easy long run 17 km). In addition to the running I go to the weight room once and try to bike twice a week in order to keep my mind fresh and give my body different challenges. Variance is important to me, otherwise I just get bored with running.
I do believe that training is quality over quantity, which means that each workout has a purpose. The marathon training program with 3 runs a week emphasizes the importance of quality, even though there is no guarantee of success and the program is not definitely idiot proof!
I give up trying to predict what next week will bring after saying that spring is just around the corner in my last post- It's March and snowing outside right now. I was lucky to run in strong winds before the snowstorm ...on empty roads.

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