Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 12

It was supposed to be a typical week for me- internship, marathon training et cetera, and turned out to be exactly that as expected, but just more challenging. Mondays are always busy, but this week we started early in the morning and I got back home around 20 o'clock. Probably, it was longest day during my internship so far. The long-awaited snowstorm arrived on Wednesday and the weather turned colder ...and I was one of the few bike riders.

The horrendous weather ruined my plan, when I wanted to do intervals. It's rare when I skip training, so I just forget intervals and enjoyed running in snow.

After skipping intervals I couldn't miss tempo run at any cost, so next day I was out, ready to run. I covered 11 km in 45 min (45:30), so I ran a 4:08 pace. To be honest I ran almost at max and expected to get average pace easily under 4 min, but unfortunately my condition is not that good yet. 
It's important to finish every week well and a good ending sets me for next week. I had a great finish to my week- long run at an easy pace (22 km under 2 hours)...and weather was on my side.

In addition to the training, I had a good opportunity to try out something new. My internship host-supervisor Simon is training for a arm wrestling championship, and no doubt he is one of the best arm wrestler! There is no substitute for hard work, so training is key to success. He starts training with warm-up exercises, such as bending nails, bolts, steel stocks, pans etc. When I saw it, I realized it's stupid not to try it. The nails are in several levels, so I tried to bend the easiest- 50 or 60 pennies nail and I made it! The bending takes some wrist strength and body tension and is definitely fun and addictive. There are some bent nails in the picture below and one of these is my handwork. Simon usually bends 2 nails together, before he moves to next level.  

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