Monday, September 16, 2013

Most of us have gears we never use

The last Grand Tour of this year is over. It was a race that kept fans guessing almost until the end. No doubt the most thrilling race for fans and  far the best tour of the year .

Horner wins the Vuelta at nearly 42 year old. And then the media suspects that his performance is too good to be true- How does a guy who has no big victories in the bag just come back after 6-month knee injury and manage to win a Grand Tour?  This old cannot win a Grand Tour without doping, they say. And the funniest thing is that everyone is an armchair expert now analyzing data and coming up with their own suspicions. Gotta love the show!
I hope that people in peloton saying Horner is a deserving winner are right …otherwise we have to wait 5-10 years until someones lips are loosen with time …or maybe the science of testing surprises, even though it wasn’t drug testing that brought Lance down.

Love for cycling is like the notion of romantic- deep down we want to believe all of the magical feelings are true.

What do you think? 

Had to skip few stages, but then a brief visit to Copenhagen last Friday paid off well- got 2 mins to say hi to my sister.

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