Monday, September 2, 2013

Marselis Rulleski Løbet 2013 race report

Sad to say summer is over, but the good thing is that there are always plenty of sport events in September. Races are funny things- sometimes they test you physically, sometimes mentally ...and sometimes it's a combination of both.

The idea to organize a roller skiing competition in Aarhus (instead of outside the city) was announced a long time ago, however I never heard what, where and when until I returned to Aarhus after summer holiday 2 weeks ago. I immediately signed up and all for a price of 10€ (not a bad price in Denmark). Anyway, the roller-skiing competition Marselis Rulleski Løbet took place yesterday arranged together with running competition called Marselisøbet and the cycling race. The course was completely flat, very easy and most importantly by the coast. Had to cover a lap of 2,6km back and forth, 8 times (ca 21 km.) and the race itself was quite boring- some guys with racing wheels made the pace that I couldnt follow (I had training rollers under me) so more or less I suffered alone. I crossed the finish line after 54 minutes and in 6th place in skaters classification. Because most of Danes prefer classic style, there weren't that many skaters- around 20 or even less. All in all I'm quite happy I got the feeling I have missed- to ski in the anaerobic ''red'' zone. Post race chat, yummy chocolate cake and skiing back home. 
Thanks for reading and enjoy pics!

Pre race prep before heading to the start

Warm-up = done! Ready to go!

...and the gun went off!


Almost there

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