Sunday, October 20, 2013

If you think running a marathon is hard...

Recently a car with a bumper sticker 42.2 caught my eye on my way to grocery store. For sure, there are marathon runners in this car, I thought. And then just few days later I recognize a sticker ’’ 70.3 ’’ on a back of computer sitting next to me. Surely a triathlete …and a serious one, otherwise he doesn’t place the sticker over the fancy Apple logo.

Later I thought to myself, that everybody knows the distance of marathon- 42.2 km (42.195 to be exact) and it is just a common knowledge. On the other hand I don’t assume everyone knows the meaning of 70.3- known as a Half Ironman that consists of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and 13.1 mile run, so the total distance 70.3 in miles. Common knowledge? …and then someone asks "How long is the marathon you're running this time"?

This doesn’t surprise me at all! When you are fully invested in something, you expect people are familiar with the fundamental at least. That’s not the case usually.

Additionally, almost any race can be referred to as a marathon. 5k marathon and 10k marathon sound funny! "I am going to run one of those 5k marathons next week" …sounds like 15k has been upgraded to ultra. One of my favorite race in Estonia is called Tartu Marathon running race, which is actually 23k trail run. No wonder if you run 5k race and someone will ask later ’’How was your marathon?’’ It’s your time to correct them!

A taxi driver from airport asked a guy why he was in town. "I am here to run your marathon, sir." Taxi driver turned around while driving to look at him: "Excuse me, may I ask, are you someone famous?"

As someone said once marathon is just a cool down from the swim and bike.

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