Sunday, October 6, 2013

Skievent 2013

Winter is in the air! Yesterday I took part in the Århus Skievent 2013, which is some sort of exhibition and show with everything you need for the winter season ahead. In addition to the tour operators and resorts from around the Europe that were represented there, they transported 50 tons of snow from Sölden, Austria to make some skiing possible in the city, where the snow doesn't fall from the sky not even in winter. They constructed a slope for skiing/snowboarding practice runs and arranged a freestyle competition in the evening. The Ski Event, organized by Skiing Federation of Denmark, offered a wide range of family friendly entertainment including alpine merry-go-round, cross-country skiing, 200 meters double poling competition et cetera. Fun for all ages!
I spent most of the day by cross-country skiing course with Aarhus skiclub, borrowing equipment and helping children with skiing. Nonetheless I had plenty of time to just hang out so I participated in 200 meters double poling competition and held the fastest time (28,7) until friend of mine came through 0,6 sec quicker. Sweet revenge next time just so he knows :) After all, we ended the day with dinner and apres-ski in snowless Aarhus.

They even made the fake bubble snow there :)

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