Monday, November 4, 2013

There are lies and statistics

I keep it short and simple!
Usually the ''homework'' we get to do in uni  is ''self study''- reading in preparation for a lecture and learning on your own. Nothing new here!
But sometimes we get some problems or assignments to do in addition to reading. For instance I'm supposed to be doing my homework right now, instead of wasting my time here, but I just found it interesting and thought I might share.

Here is the first part of the statistics question- Calculate the proportion of childless in the group of all 20-29 year old females in Denmark.
All my calculations appear blue and provided data appears black. See pic below! My question here is not that how to calculate this or that, but rather who are these 2269 beings (look at the conclusion)??? If the total population is 327417 and we know that 68748 of them are mothers and 256400 are childless women, then what about the rest of them (327417-256400-68748=2269)? This is the question I'm stuck on! I have lived in Denmark for a while, but I haven't even heard about them...


Pedro said...

Actually, you just have to stop considering women as human beings (I'm not saying aliens), which allows you to put a coma :D

For first line (Age 20), it means :
Not Mothers Mothers
33591,646000 1146,354

Anonymous said...

Ma ei tea küll kust sa selle childless naiste arvu said aga seal on migni näpukas sul. Tundub et tulnukaid siiski seal emade seas ei leidu ;)

Henri Ruul said...


Aga kui kümne tuhande naise peale on lapseta naisterahvaid 7831, siis kas mitte kogu populatsiooni peale ei ole neid siis 256400 (7831 x 32,7417)?

Pille Ruul said...

These are pregnant women waiting for their first child:)