Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Goals are dreams with deadlines

Back in January I wrote my sport resolutions for 2013 (link here). Time to check back how did it go.

- Half marathon under 1h 20min. Honestly I didnt succeed. I simply didn't stick to it ..and lack of right race preparation-excuses, excuses, excuses! Usually I make a plan before I start preparation for a race, but not this time. No wonder it all failed. 
- Instead, I returned to Aarhus Night marathon at the last minute and defended my 2010 year victory. It is not a big deal to win a local race like this, especially when serious athletes prefer not to participate. After all, every victory is worth a celebration ...even the little ones along the way. 
- Bicycle tour in 2013. Done! 3 days from Tallinn to Pärnu. Roughly 200 km. We had so much more fun than we expected. 

I think that new years resolutions are a fantastic idea, that gives people motivation to try and start. Sometimes they can work- if you stay committed and have a plan to accomplish it. But remember that if you want to change something you can change it any time of year!

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Picture1: Getting ready for a long run with my sister in Copenhagen before heading home for Christmas.

Picture 2: Post-workout meal- Chili Con Carne

Picture 3: The Christmas shopping madness

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