Friday, February 21, 2014

Thorax training and a video report

Have you ever found yourself in fitness center wondering what all these people are doing here? Im not a huge gym fan, but every once in a while I hit the gym and join the fun. There is no doubt that we exercise for a variety of reasons. Some bike to lose weight, others lift to build up muscles and to look good. In addition to that there are many other reasons why do people work out.
Once a week I'm coaching a bunch of ski fanatics in Aarhus to achieve their objectives. The majority train to improve their physical performance. In most cases they are going to participate either in Vasaloppet or Birkebeinerrennet, so I help them to become stronger, faster and better skier in a country where is no snow. Frank Shorter said once that you don’t run 26 miles at 5 minutes a mile on good looks and a secret recipe.
This wednesday, 3 local journalism students joined our 60 min training session to interview the man behind the Aarhus Skiklub and to make a short report. Stuff they made turned out awesome!

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