Sunday, February 2, 2014

Running with a camera...

I usually train alone, so I can do exactly what I need/want to do without compromise (control breathing, pace etc), but two-three times a week I get the chance to run/ski/bike with someone else and then I simply enjoy the company. I usually always have someone to train with on Sunday, but not because I have to drag myself out the front door after Saturday, but rather because its good opportunity to catch up with others and swap stories and training ideas ...or to be honest- to push each other through the tough parts. Huge bonus! But today, Sunday, I decided to take an easy day and did a short run with some pull-ups and leg raises ...with camera. I think that training is fun and taking photos is fun, but these two things rarely go hand in hand. Anyway, I ended up taking some video clips while training today ...and enjoyed every second of it.

Click photo to open the video link (or click here)

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