Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy easter everyone!

Another crazy busy week. Just landed in Copenhagen, before heading to Aarhus tomorrow. Here is what I was up to for the last 4 weeks. 
After short weekend break with my siblings in Copenhagen at the end of March I returned to Aarhus to write the 3 week assignment. Started early, finished late and I tried to kill less time on other activities. I realized that finishing assignment is one of the best thing I have ever done. Handed in my paper and headed back to Copenhagen right away, where I flew to Tallinn 2 days later. Once there, I received a warm welcome home from family and friends. I had a great week ahead (or 5 days to be exact). Who can go there and not go to sauna, eat the best barbecue or spend a day or two in countryside? Not me. I almost forgot that most shopping centers and supermarkets remain open over the Easter weekend and some of them are open even until 22 on Good Friday. Easter means good business, I guess. 
Anyway, family breakfast, smooth flight, not too many tourists and nice weather added a great bonus to finish off the Easter break today. Will try to get my brain back on track soon to make the last weeks of school count. Happy easter!

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