Monday, April 21, 2014

Jægersborg Dyrehave

After a quick trip to Estonia, I was back in Denmark. My plan was to spend whole Sunday in Copenhagen with my sister before heading back to Aarhus. She has been living there more than a year and every time I visit her, we train together. In order to mix things up and not get bored while running same routes all the time, we have been looking for new running routes near Copenhagen. This time, she suggested going to north of the city- Jægersborg Dyrehave. Even though I was worried about my shin splints, I figured that easy training, a combination of walk/run, would fit my marathon program best. Good company and desire to spend time outside on sunny day, I was definitely up for it!

We started off our trip around 10AM with a short walk to Nørreport, which is just few steps from her place.

As our goal was to explore some new ground near the city, we took the S-train to Klampenborg.

And 17 minutes later, we were there, ready to set off.

We had a route in mind- to run/walk around and inside the deer garden. Neither she nor I hadn't been there before and we didnt know exactly where to go. Thus we simply followed others. Few hundred meters away, we entered the park, where a gentlemen was ready to give a lift. Unfortunately, my legs were feeling too fresh at this time.

Anyway, off we went. After 40 min of walking on the right route, we started running 5min followed by 10min walk. Awesome weather just kept us going in the woods for many more kilometers.

...until it was time for lunch next to the golf course.

After eating a delicious homemade sandwich, we took a turn to the Hermitage palace. Hundreds of folk were out there.

Additionally, we had the chance to see some of the deer several times along the way.

We finished our loop in the deer garden, 22km by then, and decided run back to Copenhagen. It was supposed to be easy 11km run back home, but we ran out of water and I could not get rid of shin splints. We ended up running 10min followed by 5min walk. As my shin splint was getting worse and we both were dehydrated, we slowed down to grab two cold drinks in a supermarket. The best choice I made this day!

We finished our tour in some 4 hours and 18 minutes (pauses excluded), all in 33.4 km. Even though my average heart rate was below 100, I realized that running with a shin splints is tough and a painful experience. I'm going to take at least 3 or 4 days off.

Post-run, quick post-workout meal and a 3 hour bus ride to Aarhus. With that, thanks for reading.

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