Monday, April 28, 2014

My weekend adventures

Yet another weekend of sunny and beautiful weather here in Aarhus. It has been a big weekend of adventure. It all started on a friday afternoon, when I was heading out of the city to visit my friends. They recently moved there, so a house warming party of some kind, however I completely forgot the bread and salt. They moved to the countryside to beautiful surroundings with hilly terrain with some trees around and I simply couldn't the chance to sleep outside slip away. Once we got there,we found a best place to set up a campsite.

Next morning, I woke up to rooster crow. What a pleasure! Probably not the case when you stay up late. I fell asleep just few minutes after sunset a day before- a good night's sleep in a tent! This shot below was taken early in the morning, just after the wake-up call. Friend of mine preferred to sleep with no tent. Literally under the stars. Taking into account that the temperature dropped to 4-5 degrees Celsius, not too shabby!

I returned back home on saturday to get ready for the next challenge I faced on sunday morning. A friend of mine suggested I should give kayaking a try. I was definitely up for it! After he fitted me out in my kayak and made sure I was familiar with all the equipment, off we went. Needless to say, I had never been kayaking before. After two minutes in a flat harbour it was time to hit some waves. It took me another 2 minutes to flip the kayak over and fell into the cold water. Huh! The good things is that I got the chance to experience the rescue- friend of mine emptied my kayak within 2 seconds and I was back in. But on the other hand I was completely wet ...and at this moment I didn't like kayaking at all. But as timed passed by, I found myself in a relatively dry wetsuit I borrowed, ready to get back in a wider kayak to give it another go. This time all went well and we paddled almost 1h on open water. It was a blast!

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