Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rwanda blog 2: Musanze

I started the weekend early, so it has been a looooong one. Kicked off the weekend on Thursday by visiting Cercle Sportif, a multipurpose physical activity center that has it all- a pool. I went there for a swim obviously stay cool in warm weather. There you have access to swimming pool, tennis and basketball court (and many more activities) for only nearly 4 EUR. It looks a bit old, but everything is clean though.

After Doing Nothing Friday, Saturday called for a trip! I did set off early in the morning by bus from Kigali to reach the village of Gakenke. Unfortunately, the weather wasnt on my side.

After about 90 min or so our buss arrived to Gakenke. My original plan was to climb mt Kabuye, but had to cancel the climb due to poor weather. Instead, I decided to head to Musanze, so I found myself waiting for the bus. I was like a monument in the middle of the village, surrounded by hundreds of local people, all of them looking at me. Needless to say, they all were people with dark skin. Maybe they havent seen a blond guy I thought. Finally I saw my buss coming. Jumped on the bus and about 45 min later I reached the town of Musanze, the closest town to the Volcanoes National Park and mountain gorillas. Neither gorillas nor volcanoe hike were in my plans, but I didnt want to leave Musanze without seeing these famous volcanoes shared by DR of Congo and Rwanda (the border crosses over the peak of volcanoes). Luckily I found a cheap accommodation (for 10 EUR), so I decided to stay overnight, while hoping for better weather next day. It was worth it!

Had a nice dinner and breakfast at La Paillotte. Would definitely recommend it!

Streets in Musanze:

Cheap and old hotel for travelers not seeking luxury

These busses seat 30 people and dont leave until full.

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