Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rwanda blog 3: home, bowling and football

The past two weeks have gone extremely fast here! Last week we moved from our first home into a new apartment. We found the four room apartment situated in nice neighborhood, just 10min by walk to work. The good things was that landlord promised to supply all furniture and kitchen appliances in good order before we moved in. So, on the day of the move, we realized that that wasn't the case. It took a few extra days for landlord and us to get almost all things done. So nothing so bad. We have been here now for 10 days and almost settled in completely. The house itself is nice:

And the view from our balcony is not too boring:

There is even a supermarket on the first floor. Due to the poor sortiment of food there is not much to buy, but at least they have some ice-cream.

Went bowling yesterday at Mamba Club. The funny thing is that the pins are not automated there, so the pin collection is done by hand. Yes, there is a guy behind every lane who picks all the pins knocked down.

After the extreme bowling, it was time for some football. We watched the match Brazil-Chile on a big screen at Mamba Club.

Kigali bars and pubs are actually great places to watch football. We are not huge football fans here, but sometimes its fun.

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