Sunday, July 20, 2014

Getaway to lake Kivu

After realizing that we have spent our past 4 weekends in Kigali, my fellow interns and myself decided to escape the city for a much needed weekend break. The original plan was a long weekend getaway to Burundi, however our plan to take friday off from work simply didn't work. Instead, on friday we booked up a hotel room by lake Kivu. After leaving home on Saturday morning, we headed to the Nyabugogog bus station to take the bus to Gisenyi.

Unfortunately it was totally disgusting bus ride. Not because of the fact that the bus was completely full, but rather because of a 15-year old mom who decided to sit between us with her 2 year old baby boy. She didnt only smell bad, but she started breastfeeding immediately. ...and then things got worse. It took 30min or so, until the baby vomited in the bus. Lovely! ...And so did his mom. ...and then the baby. Again and again!

Anyway, after 3 hours in the bus we arrived in Gisenyi and motos dropped us at our hotel. Time to get our must needed getaway started! We stayed at the Paladise Malahide, an excellent hotel on Lake Kivu. They treated us like kings. Once there, we ate lunch by the water.

And then spent some time relaxing (and swimming) at the hotel's private beach, located just 15 meters from our Bungalow.

In the afternoon we took a boat to a tiny island, with nobody on it.

A quick selfie...

...and back!

Next morning, the breakfast was delicious!

When checked out, we hiked all the way to Gisenyi...

...and back to Kigali we went.

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