Sunday, July 13, 2014

My first floating dance party

Yesterday I took a part in the global dance party called floating silent disco in Kigali. This is an event, where a group of people gather, then listen the same music and dance together 90 minutes around the city. They do it it dozens of cities worldwide. I heard about the event on friday ...and downloaded the 90min mix immediately that left me no time to change my mind. So yesterday evening I jumped on a moto-taxi to head downtown and tried something completely new...

Around 9PM we put our headphones on, pressed play at the same time and floating began. We had only 10 of us, however countries such as UK, US, Germany, Kenya, Rwanda and Estonia were represented. We danced like crazy (no wonder all pics are blurry) and even though we had several stops along the way, we covered approximately 5 km dancing in 2 hours and ended up in my neighborhood restaurant. Nice people and good music made it fantastic!

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