Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kigali runaround

Its kinda funny how I have turned more into resistance training over the past months. Basically my time for outdoor sports (running, biking, skiing, hiking etc) has transferred to the gym. It's probably because my office is a gym. Anyway that doesn't mean that I have become a total gym rat ...or I have retired my running shoes. I do believe that long runs and heavy lifting can go together. Lifting heavy can be beneficial for a distance runner, however hours of cardio will never make you bulked up. So basically you need to decide what you want to be- big and strong lifter or slim and fast distance runner. I enjoy both and try to be all over fit. After some very hard lifting sessions this week, I found myself missing my running routine and the joy of running.
It was Sunday morning that I thought will be the best time to run here in Kigali as all streets will be almost empty. I was right! So around 9 am, after GPS signal was recieved, I began my run. Soon I found myself running along quiet and some of the most beautiful streets in town.

Then there was one of many beautiful roundabouts.

A short later I passed the Parliament house (on left, top of the hill). The Parliament building is visible from a distance and often helps me to orientate myself while running. 

About 200 meters later I passed the RDB (Rwandan Development Board) and turned left into a small street.

Shortly I found myself in the neighborhood where all the rich people live and several embassies are located. 
Usually you have to get out of town to make running more fun, however sometimes running around a new neighborhood will be enough to forget that you are running.

Yep, even in Kigali, the rich people live in large homes. Not surprisingly the only golf course is located in this neighborhood as well.

Then it was time to leave the golf course behind and continue my way to home. I followed the road until I was back on the main street...

..and a short bit later the Parliament caught my eye from a distance.

Along the way back home, I passed some more modern buildings... 

...and soon after I was back home. It will be interesting what Kigali will look like in 10 years if the rich get richer and poor poorer. 

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