Monday, September 8, 2014


Last Friday I packed my backpack, jumped on a bus and took the 6 hours trip from Kigali to Burundian capital, Bujumbura. I had heard so many people saying that Bujumbura is boring, so I didn't expect much. Arrived Buju in heavy rain on Friday afternoon and even though it was raining, it wasn't that disappointing.

There are quite a few places where to stay in Bujmbura, however most of them are way too expensive (starting from 60$) despite that Burundi is a third world country. Fortunately I found cheap accommodation in downtown that didn't eat all my budget. No luxury, nice staff, relatively safe, no internet and good location. I didn't go there to spend time in my room, I went there to explore the city. Once there I quickly changed into a try outfit and off to town I went.

Shortly after, just around the corner, I found a nice and probably the best cafe in Buja- Cafe Gourmand. Despite that I spent just 2 days in town, I went there 4 times. Delicious pastries, cakes and good coffee. No wonder this cafe is popular among expats and locals.

Next morning I got up early and set out for a morning run. The funny thing is that the government has banned running on the streets of Bujumbura. What an adrenaline rush! Well, that's not completely true, because you are allowed to run, but not in groups. According to the government group jogging leads to uprisings. Much to my surprise, running is very popular among Burundians and I have never seen so many runners on streets just sharing the passion for sport and not competing against each other. Want to popularize running? Ban it!

No doubt, there are number of nice beaches around Buju. After morning run and late breakfast at Cafe Aroma (another great cafe in Buju), I hoped on a moto-taxi to go to the Bora-Bora Beach, where all the young and beautiful (and rich) meet. I have been recommended by many friends about this beach club. Spent quite a few hours by the pool and at the bar. Nice place? Yes! Nice people? Yes! Great view to the lake Tanganyika? Yes! Good food? There are better places! Budget-friendly? No!

Even though Burundi is not as developed as Rwanda, I would definitely recommend to visit and experience the natural beauty that exists there.

Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!

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