Sunday, April 19, 2015

Copenhagen half marathon

Made a last minute decision to travel to Copenhagen for a couple of days relaxation and I'm glad that I did. A sort of spring city break. It is not a secret that Copenhagen during spring is beautiful and the weather can be as pleasant as in the summer.
I also decided to enter the Nike Marathon test, a half marathon running race held on April 19. It has been a strange year for my running training and I have not done any serious run this year (total of 150 km of running). So things were not looking promising for the upcoming race. For whatever reason, I ended up running well and crossed the finish line at 1h 24min and 24sec. Performance like this makes me wonder what I could do if I had proper preparation ...hahahaa. Anyway, time to enjoy last days in sunny Copenhagen before heading back home.

I also created a short video of my trip to DK, link here


Teedeehitus said...

Lahedad pildid :)

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

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