Thursday, July 2, 2015

Obsession with green lawn and my longest fixie ride

Summer is finally in full swing here in Northern hemisphere. Perfect green lawn is probably no 1 obsession of Estonian home owners in the summer. ...And so is mine. Hahahaa.
Made completely last minute decision Tuesday evening to drive up to our summerhouse on Wednesday morning to cut the grass. However, this time we (me and my brother) decided to take our bikes instead of a car. Even though it takes much longer by bike (30min vs 150min), we found that the microadventure on the bike is worth every second. And off we went.

We biked on small country roads. Spent total of 5 hours on the saddle and covered 110km (first time 100+km for him and first time for me to ride 100+ on my fixed gear bike). In contrast it took me just 15 minutes to mow the lawn. Hahaha :)
Arrived back home in Tallinn afternoon, leaving me plenty of time to work as well. Had a great half day adventure! See you on the road!