Sunday, December 20, 2015

2015 in review

I just love this time of year. When days are shorter, weather cool and grey, I feel way more concentrated and focused on a specific task with computer. It is also perfect time to reflect on the past and set new goals for the future.

Looking back at things that take up most of my time after work- physical exercise, volunteering, travelling etc I cannot say it was a bad year.

I have always enjoyed working out. I run, bike, lift weight at a gym etc. Here is a quick sum-up of some numbers so far.

The data provided is a bit off. I love to analyze numbers. However my watch is not the most important equipment. Neither wear I any activity tracker when lifting.

For most of the year I would go running two to three times a week. Usually just 20-30 min a run. Yep, its short and I do all my runs by time rather than distance.
Running is actually where I get much of my work done- I think about things I want to accomplish that day, ideas for projects etc. So there are many benefits of going for a run. However, in comparison with the previous years (you can read my 2013 review here ) total running distance has dropped and it seems that I failed here:

2015: 635 km
2014: 2133 km
2013: 2032 km
2012: 1830 km
2011: 1068 km

Just a little more than a week left to catch up missed km's. Plenty of time left. Not a big deal :)

This summer I also started to get into calisthenics. Its fun, yet challenging. Even put together a short video. Link below:

Travelling is one of my favorite activities. Had a great time meeting up with a bunch of friends living abroad, seeing the world and meeting some of the most interesting people. I have been reminded about the beauty of my country as well.

Copenhagen, Denmark:

Piran, Slovenia:

Lisbon, Portugal. When November feels like summer:

Chicago, USA:

Atlanta, USA:

New York, US:


Cycling for transport
My memories of Denmark include bike culture and infrastructure. Its not a secret that cycling is the quickest way to get around in downtown Tallinn. Bought a new bike back in March. Since then I have managed to bike to work on a regular basis like back in the good old days. Even though I use my bike mostly for transport, I also see cycling as an excellent form of exercise. If days were 26 hours, I would be spending more time on my road bike that I don't even own yet.

But what did not turn out as expected?

Total number of races
I took part only in a total of 2 races in 2015, including two half marathons. The good? I finished with a 1:24:24 in Copenhagen and ran 13 second slower in Tallinn. Was my two-race journey fun? Indeed, it was! My focus next year is on enjoying the thrill of competition more often. It is not about winning but challenging myself.

Cross country skiing is the coolest sport on planet earth! Unfortunately I cant remember last time I headed out, dove into the snow and spent hours on skis. I barely remember how to put the gear on. Really hope the weather presents an opportunity this winter. Now I sit here waiting for it to snow...

Wish you all a wonderful holiday season! Thanks for reading!

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