Sunday, January 19, 2014

My 2013 recap

A few days ago I received an email from a guy I don't know, starting with ''Hi Henri, How's your skiing going?'' before going into deeper conversation. Anyway, this was a good way to start a conversation with me, because I'm interested in people who share that love! Just after that I thought that is skiing something what I'm known for?  Probably not, but on the other hand, skiing, in a way, has defined who I am as a person. But the funny thing is that last time I skied was over a year ago, on January 17th in 2013. Much to my surprise, I only did that once in 2013. Henri ...the skier ...for sure:)

Here are some of the statistics from my year of training in 2013:
Total time trained: 400 hours
Running: 184 hours (2032km)
Time on the bike: 101 hours (2413km)
Roller skiing: 36 hours (544km)
Weight training: 64 hours

Races: 4
marathons completed: 1
1/2 marathons completed: 1

hardest week: 13 h 43 min
easiest: 2 h 54 min 

According to my training analyzer (not the most accurate), I burned 278 455 kilocalories (equal to 506 Big Macs). So I know where I should eat dinner tonight ...and how many burgers. 

The running distance seems to be increasing constantly- 2032 km in 2013, 1830 in 2012 and 1068 km in 2011. Not a bad thing. However, there were couple of not so priceless moments, but here they are:
- did not run/ski/bike any personal bests
- Total time trained 117 hours less than in 2012
- 61 hours on skies in 2011, 31 h in 2012 and only one hour in 2013. Sad, but true!

BTW! I don't have such thing as a training plan. I only have a plan when prepare for a very important race. I do not train when I just do not want and I do sports I like to do best, but I never say no to something I have never done before.

It was not a busy year, but I enjoyed every second of it. Looking back I didn't race much, so I hope I will race more often this year ...or next. This year my focus will be a full marathon in the spring. Very much looking forward to it! 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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